Thanksgiving – Candy Bouquet

Thanksgiving – Candy Bouquet

Step 1. Prepare a clear glass vase for your candy bouquet.

Step 2. Fill the vase with candy leaving the vase neck empty. The candy wrappers should be autumn colors. For example, you can use butterscotch candy and cinnamon discs.

Step 3. Prepare floral foam. Cut the foam to the proper size so that it will act as a stopper for the vase. You can also use a mug plug or a foam ball of the appropriate diameter.
Step 4.

a) Cut a square piece of red crepe paper or cellophane and a square piece of yellow crepe paper or cellophane. Put the pieces on top of each other as shown in the picture, and then place the piece of floral foam in the middle of the two pieces. Using two crepe paper or cellophane pieces gives a fuller appearance than using one piece.

b) Gather the crepe paper or cellophane up around the foam and insert it in the vase. Sometimes you’ll need to apply a little bit of hot glue or clear double sided tape onto the vase neck before inserting the floral foam. This will help to secure the foam inside the vase.

Step 5. Make some “candy flowers” for your Thanksgiving candy centerpiece. In this example I used Skittles, Starburst and various hard candies that have yellow, red, and orange wrappers. However, you can use other types of candies as long as they have red, yellow, and orange wrappers.

Skittles packages and Starburst candy are pretty heavy so make sure to secure them well on the sticks. I would recommend gluing two pieces of wooden skewers to the back of the candy instead of one piece. It’s important to use a low temperature glue gun. To change the length of candy flower stems, use wire cutters.

Step 6. Use yellow, red and orange silk flowers and autumn foliage for your Thanksgiving candy centerpiece.

Step 7. Play around with placement of the candy and silk flowers along with the leaves to create an arrangement that you like. You can also add some curling ribbon for a festive look.

Make sure that the stems of candy flowers and silk flowers do not penetrate the bottom of the foam and go inside theinside the vase with candy.
Step 8. Optional.
You can glue a piece of satin ribbon around the vase neck and attach a ribbon.


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